The Holland Eye Care Network & The Holland EYEbus

The Holland Eye Care Network

The Holland Eye Care Network is an initiative of the Rotterdam Eye Hospital and an international brand, wherein all of our 15 years of experience, knowledge and best practices in developing and managing the Dutch Eye Care Network is integrated. Within the Holland Eye Care Network eye hospitals in different countries can become a master franchisee of the Holland Eye Care Network. This collaboration provides eye hospitals with the ability to initiate, implement and coordinate an Eye Care Network in their own region or country.

An Eye Care Network in your country
Within the national Eye Care Network integrated care and multidisciplinary cooperation is created within and outside the hospital. The focus lies on innovation within the entire chain of (integrated) health care. Needs and wishes of the patient form the starting point in the activities conducted within the network.

Between the partners (hospitals) in the national network knowledge exchange is being stimulated and best practices are being shared. The partners are supported by your hospital, as you are the master franchisee of the Holland Eye Care Network in your country or region, and one of the leading eye centres in your country. This is realised via a service organisation consisting of different business consultants, all with their own expertise and skills.

Support to success
We offer the eye hospital a formula (= a business format) and accompanying support for the development and implementation of a service organisation that will develop, distribute, and coordinate an Eye Care Network in the own region/country. Moreover, we will facilitate an international network focused on knowledge exchange, benchmarking and quality management activities between the master franchisees in the Holland Eye Care Network.

Added value
The added value of the Holland Eye Care Network formula is demonstrated at different levels.

Towards patients the formula indirectly, via the master and local franchisee, offers the following:

  • Provision of eye-care according to high-quality professional standards, leading to excellent eye-care.
  • A well-known hospital where quality of care can be perceived.
  • Chain of (integrated) eye care to receive low-threshold access and a smooth care process. 
  • High-quality information provision about both the medical condition and the care process.
  • Efficient, affordable care.

The added value for the master franchisee (your hospital) of the formula can be summarized as follows:

  • Accelerate the implementation of a Eye Care Network. Holland Eye Care Network functions as a catalyst for the Eye Care Network in your country.
  • Knowledge, expertise and best practices are directly available. No need to invent everything by yourself.
  • Stimulate innovation within the eye care in your country.
  • Become the leading eye hospital within your region/country and stimulate in this way the relationship with your stakeholders. 
  • The possibility to continuously exchange knowledge and best practices with similar organisations worldwide.

Your national Eye Care Network facilitates the local franchisees in:

  • Delivering high standard and certified eye care to more patients.
  • The possibility to create a low threshold access to high quality eye care to more patients. 
  • Possibility to generate a higher volume of patients in the hospital against lower costs.
  • Learn how to focus on the entire chain of ophthalmic care.
  • Managing and improving processes. 
  • Possibility to share knowledge and best practices with others within the country.
  • Knowledge, expertise and best practices are directly available.
  • A way to strengthen the position of ophthalmology within the own region/country. 


The Holland EYEbus

Via the EYEbus a network of high quality (eye) care is brought close to people's homes and/or offices. Without the need to travel far, a low threshold access of eye care is offered close to for example a nursing home, office or health centre. An eye professional investigates on possible eye disorders and the health of the eyes. When necessary a direct referral to hospital, optician or other ophthalmic professional is offered. 

The EYEbus is a scientifically proven formula in The Netherlands, with 8 years of experience. The formula has shown to be a convenient tool to create access to a network of ophthalmic professionals around the client and has been successfully implemented in the Netherlands.

Added value towards visitors of the EYEbus

  • Low threshold access to eye care, close to home and/or offices;
  • A complete, high quality, professional screening of the health and functioning of the eye;
  • Proper diagnosis with high-quality equipment by an trained and certified eye professional;
  • Smooth referral (if necessary) to a relevant ophthalmic professional within a network around the EYEbus. 

Added value of the EYEbus formula for participating hospital(s)

  • An infrastructure to create a network of eye care professionals;
  • Potential to increase patient volumes by offering a low threshold access point and smooth process of referral;
  • Potential to increase patient satisfaction;
  • The possibility to promote and reinforce the brand of the hospital;
  • Strengthening the quality of the local eye care by proven use of high end equipment, training and a quality system based on international quality standards;
  • Access to and participation in (worldwide) knowledge exchange.

Support to success

The Holland EYEbus formula offers various types of support and standards for achieving success in your country. Moreover The Holland EYEbus organisation will provide guidance, advice, training and quality management. More specific, we offer a manual and accompanying support regarding the 'how' and 'what' of various aspects, including specific examples.

More information

For more information about the possibilities of introducing The Holland Eye Care Network and/or The Holland EYEbus in your country please call or e-mail The Holland Eye Care Network and EYEbus organisation:

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